christmas I Finally Graduated from University!Its been sometime since I updated! I’ve finally graduated from University of Melbourne and Free from study life (at least for now)!

So what I’ve been doing?

  • Exams, exams, exams..
  • Japan trip!
  • Graduation

Now they’re All DONE!

All that’s left is Christmas and New Year. Looking forward to 2010 and hope it’ll be a good one. [click to continue…]


artist 981 1852199 Anberlin Setlist @ Billboard the Venue Melbourne Australia (25th August 2009)

This time Anberlin’s back in Melbourne for the 2nd time this year and it was brilliant. Although I’ve seen them at Soundwave 09,why not see them live another time? I didn’t bother remembering the setlist but most songs were from Cities and New Surrender. I thought they should’ve given us a better encore. I always think a slow song doesn’t end the night proper. Nobody wants to feel sad thinking it’s all going to be over once these guys finishes the song.

Alright Update with the Set List they played that night.

A Day Late
Paperthin Hymn
The Unwinding Cable Car
Hello Alone
True Faith (cover)
Feel Good Drag Fin (encore)

p1020024 Anberlin Setlist @ Billboard the Venue Melbourne Australia (25th August 2009)tall guy.

Why don’t tall guys at gigs realise that they’re just too tall for the crowd. Of course, everyone would like to get a close-up view of their favorite band but it’s nice to always consider the crowd behind. Tall guys pretty much get a better view from the back anyways! If I were in his shoes I’d just pick up a short girl by letting her stand in front of me for the night instead of her standing behind sweat-filled t-shirts. Uber score.

p1020072 Anberlin Setlist @ Billboard the Venue Melbourne Australia (25th August 2009)with my so-so camera skils

p1020095 Anberlin Setlist @ Billboard the Venue Melbourne Australia (25th August 2009)Almost the end.

Brilliant show, wished they played more songs. I bought the first two albums from the merch shop, 20 bucks each, pretty decent!! Hope to see them again real soon!


Soundwave 2010 first lineup lookin good!


Soundwave has been an annual thing for me so I won’t be missing out in next year’s event. Ticket sales for early bird tickets start this week but not much information is released. I’m guessing it’ll be out on Friday. (checked out, turns out I’m right) I should be in Melbourne on the 26th Feb […]

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All-American Rejects Set List Melbourne Australia

The All-American Rejects concert happens to coincide with my buddy’s birthday so I’m going with him! What do you think will be tonight’s AAR setlist? Make sure you’re all out screaming tonight as I’ll be doing so too. The setlist should be something like this tonight, I hope. Updated: with the songs they played, quite […]

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Install Windows 7 / Vista From USB Pen Drive (Bootable)

This guide has step-by-step instructions on how to make sure Vista and Windows 7 install from a USB drive. I’ve tried many using “Install Vista from USB guide” but after downloading Windows 7 beta, the usual Kurt‘s method did not work for me , giving me some error stating there’s a partition boot error. I […]

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Spicy Temptation House @ Chinatown

Food here is just spicy but nothing compared to Dainty! 2 weeks ago we decided to have Dainty’s but as usual the place was jam packed, especially on a Friday night. While we were walking by it one of the easily recognizable waiter came out with a camcorder, shooting the long, snake-line queue. Nice advertising […]

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Connect Nokia Phones to Melbourne University Wireless

Connecting to Melbourne Uni with a Nokia Symbian phone wasn’t as easy as I thought, but I managed to get it to work on my E71. It should work with 802.11x enabled phones, N-series and E-series, and all Series 60 Symbian OS phones. The Wireless SSID is “UniWireless” Alright, here goes!

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Guide to streaming videos with subtitle on PS3 with Java PS3 Media Server!

Alright guys, this is a Guide to streaming videos with subtitle on PS3 with Java PS3 Media Server! PS3 Media Server is a new program so much easier to set up than TVersity. It’s Java based, works for Windows or Linux and capable of transcoding any HD content to your PS3 with subtitles on the […]

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