Use PS3 Controller in Windows 7, Vista and XP (Wireless Bluetooth)

by Davies Lim

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png divers bluetooth 256x256 Use PS3 Controller in Windows 7, Vista and XP (Wireless Bluetooth)

This guide shows you how to Use PS3 Controller in Windows 7, Vista and XP (Wireless Bluetooth). Following up to the guide on using PS3 Controller in Windows, here’s another one to use it via Bluetooth. And now it has vibration support as well! Hope this guide helps! Also, for those who want to copy anything from my guide please do inform me. I hate it when people just claim everything as their own work.

Revision 2.1 (24th August 2009)
- Will be inspecting MotionInJoy and if works well, I might make a guide.
- Cleaned some text and added recommended BT dongles.
Revision 2.0 (30th July 2009)
- Guide updated for Windows 7.
- Images from Windows 7 included (relevant for Vista).
- Notes on TWO controllers and ONE dongle.
- Added link to 64-bit users. It works now.


1. Baby Steps
2. Installing Libusb-win32 filter
3. Installing Bluetooth drivers
4. Installing PPJoy
5. Making it Work
6. Configuring Buttons
7. Use TWO controllers with ONE dongle
8. Users with other Bluetooth devices (i.e. Logitech MX Revolution)
9. 64-bit users
10. End
11. Important Notes

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Baby Steps

- First, we need these;

  • Bluetooth dongle! duh!
  • PS3 Controller (Sixaxis or Dualshock 3)!

- Then, download these files:

  • Libusb32 drivers (explanation below): Link | Mirror
  • BtSix 1.5c (credits to 89ron) : Link | Mirror
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Library (when you get Application error for BtSix): Link
  • PPJoy 0.83 (configures buttons): Link | Homepage
  • FreeBT driver rel. A3 (allows BtSix to access dongle, Optional): Link

- OK, Here goes!

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Installing Libusb-win32 filter

- for XP, stick with v0.1.10.1
- for Vista and Windows 7, stick with v0.1.12.1

Install the Libusb drivers as “Administrator” and Compatibility Mode set to “Windows XP Service Pack 2/3″

Note: If your USB devices start to disappear (usually happen because failure to install in Compatibility mode) or crippled your system devices, then try updating your chipset drivers (which worked for me). Because of the nature of libusb, it sort of takes control over anything related to the USB devices. So it would be best if you had a PS2 keyboard and mouse in case shit happens.
pic1 Use PS3 Controller in Windows 7, Vista and XP (Wireless Bluetooth)

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Installing Bluetooth drivers

- This is by far the most problematic step because some people have integrated bluetooth which they use for other purposes. If it doesn’t work read the end of this section.

- Extract the “” file to your desktop first.
- Laptop users:

  • It works on integrated bluetooth but my advice is to get a BT dongle because you will less likely mess up with the drivers (i.e. works for BtSix but not for your other apps anymore).
  • Another solution is to purchase WinDS3 because apparently it can swap drivers easily for you with a click of a button (maybe someone from the WinDS3 team can confirm with me)

btmini Use PS3 Controller in Windows 7, Vista and XP (Wireless Bluetooth)

- Desktop users:

  • Get a good bluetooth dongle, I recommend the one shown in the picture (ASUS brand). I also have a cheap one and works perfect as well. Link to product: Here
  • This is a good one which I’ve purchased before but I think it’s sold out:
    USB Bluetooth 2.0 Mini-Dongle / Adapter (30-Meter Range) by Pexell
  • Or these which I’ve hand picked from Amazon Store
  • I will choose this one first (CHEAP! and high rating), should work really well for our purpose.
  • Next I’ll choose this dongle because i think it has many features and good review.
  • Most people who simply solved their issues by purchasing a quality dongle.

- Install BtSix freeBT drivers;

  1. For new Bluetooth dongle,
    - Plug it into the computer and Windows will either ask you for drivers or automatically install them for you.
    - Point to the folder location of BtSix’s “Driver XP 32 Bit” folder and choose the .inf file.
  2. For those with existing dongle or integrated bluetooth devices,
    - Go to “Device Manager” and find your Bluetooth device.
    - Right-click the “Bluetooth device”
    - Choose “Update Driver Software”
    - Choose “Browse My Computer for Driver Software”
    - Choose “Let Me Pick From A List”
    - Choose the “Have Disk” option and point to the “BtSix.1.5c\Driver XP 32bit” folder as shown.
    - Just press OK and Next to install the drivers. Make sure to choose “Install the drivers anyway option”.

pic5 Use PS3 Controller in Windows 7, Vista and XP (Wireless Bluetooth)

- You will have FreeBT device similar to the pic.

pic6 Use PS3 Controller in Windows 7, Vista and XP (Wireless Bluetooth)

- Still doesn’t work on your laptop etc? You might need to download WinDS3 trial version and then perform a cheap trick by installing it. Your purpose is to make sure the freebt bluetooth drivers are installed into your computer (WinDS3 sort of forces it to install? haha)

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Installing PPJoy

- Run PPJoy which you’ve downloaded. (Compatibility mode to XP SP3 is preferable)

  • Launch “Configure Joysticks” from PPJoy, and add a new virtual controller.
  • Windows might ask you to install drivers, in that case you’ll need to look for BtSix’s “Driver XP 32 Bit” folder.
  • You can start mapping the buttons to your liking, but feel free to do it later.
  • You can close “Configure Joysticks”.

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Making it Work

- Make sure you’ve plugged your Bluetooth dongle (directly to PC, preferably not to a hub)
- Plug in your PS3 controller into the PC using the USB cable
- The drivers should install automatically.
- Launch “BtSix.exe” and click “Address“. There should be a hex code for your controller. If not, there’ll be a warning.
- You can now unplug your controller, and press the PS Home button.
- The “Pitch” and “Roll” Bars will be moving based on your controller’s movement.
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Configuring Buttons

- Now its time to configure the controller buttons.

- Choose “Configure Joysticks” from PPJoy and choose “Virtual Controller 1″

- You will have to restart BtSix every time you change the key mappings.

- Some Games for Windows (such as GTA4 and X360 ports) will run the PS3 controller (with key map A below) just like the X360 controller by inserting a .DLL file into the game folder. Here it is: DLL

(A) Setting for Tomb Raider Underworld / Silent Hill Homecoming / Prince of Persia / Mirrors Edge / The Last Remnant

Image Link: PC PPJoy Button Mapping

- Tomb Raider Underworld, Silent Hill Homecoming, Price of Persia and Mirror’s Edge uses the 360 mapping as well and PS3 controller WORKS with the PC version.
- For The Last Remnant, make sure you insert the .DLL files into your “binary” folder (vibration support)! Download here

(B) Setting for Dead Space PC

Image Link: Dead Space PC PPJoy Button Mapping

- Dead Space uses Xbox 360 controller input so the PS3 controller CAN work too.
- You just have to change some settings in PPJoy, see the picture above.

(C) Setting for Devil May Cry 4 / DMC4

Image Link: Devil May Cry 4 PC PPjoy Button Mapping

- I used 4 axis, 13 buttons, 1 POV hats.

(D) Settings for and FEAR 2: Project Origin

- You have to use Xpadder for this to work. Get it here.

- Using this PPJoy config as shown here: PC PPJoy Button Mapping

- Download these files: xpadder profile and xpaddercontroller

- Place the files into the Xpadder folder and run the game.

- Test and it should work! (xpadder controller file may not work for your computer, you can create one yourself)


PPJoy configurations

Default configurations which helped me guide through which button is which.


0 – left stick x axis
1 – left stick y axis
2 – right stick x axis
4 – right stick y axis
5 – tilt x axis (left negative, right positive)
6 – tilt y axis (forward negative, backword positive)
7 – square
8 – x
9 – circle
10- triangle
11- R1
12- L1
13- R2
14- L2
15- Dpad left
16- Dpad down
17- Dpad right
18- Dpad up


0 – square
1 – x
2 – circle
3 – triangle
4 – R1
5 – L1
6 – R2
7 – L2
8 – Dpad left
9 – Dpad down
10- Dpad right
11- Dpad up
12- start
13- right stick button
14- left stick button
15- select
16- PS3 home button

- Remember, you have to restart BtSix again (sometimes removing BT dongle and controller and plugging them into the computer again) so that the changes take into effect. Go to top

Using TWO controller with ONE dongle

- Apparently you can have two controller working with one bluetooth dongle but you must use the old BtSix. version here.

- Another solutions is to purchase WinDS3 as the program supports 2 controller with one bluetooth dongle. Go to top

For people with other Bluetooth devices (i.e. Logitech MX Revolution)

- My brother had issues with Libusb-win32 and caused a bluescreen (BSOD) everytime he shuts down or restart.

– Assuming libusb32 v0.1.12.1 is installed, the problem can be fixed by deleting the libusb0.sys and libusb.dll from system32 and system32/driver folder. Then without uninstalling v0.1.12.1, we install libusb32 v0.1.10.1 on top of it.

– It should not BSOD now.

– Recently my brother just reinstalled windows and according to him SetPoint version also affects the BSOD. Newer version of Setpoint seems to have fixed conflicts with libusb32 and he does not BSOD even with v0.1.12.1 is installed. Go to top

64-bit users

- I have discovered a guide that says it’ll work on 64-bit computers. I have not tried the method myself but please tell me if they do work.

– Here’s the link: How to use a Playstation 3 Controller in 64 bit Windows 7 and Vista

Related stuff.

- Libusb win64: Link

– Vista64 needs signed drivers from Microsoft, here’s a way to bypass them (few methods to try at your own risk!):

LinkLink | Link

– PPJoy is only working for Vista 32 at the moment.

– In conclusion, you can’t use BtSix for Vista64 yet.

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Hope you like the guide! Support me by donating! Go to top

Important Notes

- The controller can only be paired with either the PC or the PS3. So you have to turn OFF your nearby PS3 first.
- Once paired to the PC you can switch on the PS3. It’s not much of a hassle, really.
- I’ve also successfully used my Dualshock 3 to control windows with the help ofXpadder.

Other help:
- I got most of my info searching through forums and other guides.
- Here are some of the good ones: Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3
Problems installing drivers:
- For those who can’t get Bluetooth drivers to install on their system, I recommend installing WinDS3 (Buy if you like it!!) (its trial but it helps install the drivers for you)
- After that, use the above methods to map the buttons. (thanks Jay for the tip!)

Davies Lim

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Wacky December 25, 2009 at 12:29 PM

ive found a solution already :D

what you basically have to do is, letting the game think you have a xbox360 controller.

you just have to download
x360ce vibmod

then put it in the game directory (without map)
and when you run the XInputTest.exe the controlles are messed up.
you can edit them by changing them in the x360ce.ini file

For example A = X on your controller so you have to change A=(number) like they are mapped in windows.

I hope i can help someone with this.


Black Dog January 22, 2010 at 4:08 AM

Is there any chance to have analog triggers+motion control+rumble+xinput and 360emulation at once? I tried motionjoy but IMO BTsix is way better.



Ronny January 29, 2010 at 12:14 AM

hey brother…congratulation for the job.
I got one question,is this really works on win7?
Mine is 32 and i tried motioninjoy,but BT don’t works.
So my question is if i do exactly as win Vista, will it work?
I tried once and my usb devices messed up, so i dont wanna do it again.
Cause the only difference i think is run on compatibility mode right?


Davies February 9, 2010 at 1:12 AM

Yes, most of the time running on compatibility mode solves the USB problem but I cannot guarantee anything so try at your own risk. Best is to have a 2nd windows installation (ideally on another harddrive) and install everything and see how things go. Good luck.


rocklite February 7, 2010 at 7:20 PM

every time i reset ppjoy driver status begins in disconnected mode in ‘game controllers’ setup. in order to start it i have to remove and re-add (which re-installs) PPJoy Virtual Joystick 1 in ppjoy. whats up with that? is there a way to boot my os without reinstalling the damn driver every damn time? thanks.


Davies February 9, 2010 at 1:07 AM

Hmm, weird that does not happen to me. Using Win7? Idk but it might be smth to do with your registry keep resetting itself.


Rob February 7, 2010 at 9:19 PM

I tried downloading the version of btsix you recommended for two controllers, but it would set the controllers on permanent vibrate. Did anyone else run into this issue?


Davies February 9, 2010 at 1:08 AM

I presume you are using SixAxis, it will vibrate permanently from past experience, DS3 will not have that issue. If you are using SixAxis then no way to fix it, sorry!


Corey February 18, 2010 at 4:45 AM

Ok so i have tried this, step by step to the T exactly… and it kinda works… but its better then all of the other failed attempts! the usb mode does not work on my laptop, but the bluetooth is ok.


Jayrockslife May 8, 2010 at 4:27 PM

Ok, so I got it hooked up to my PC and it worked fine, but now I want to use it on my PS3 again. I unplugged my bluetooth dongle and plugged in the controller with the USB cable but it won’t sync up to my ps3 now. Am I missing something??


Davies Lim June 24, 2010 at 5:20 PM

You just need to connect the cable to the ps3, turn on the ps3 without using the controller but the ON button on the ps3 itself. It will sync back immediately.


Minh June 24, 2010 at 5:05 PM

Hey Davies,

Thanks a lot with this information. Never knew that this was even POSSIBLE!

I have this minor problem.
I connect the PS3 controller to the PC then turn on BtSix then click “Address” after a few seconds a window pops up with an error saying that the “application has stopped working”.

Compatibility is set to “Windows XP SP2″.
Also my operating system is Windows 7.


Davies Lim June 24, 2010 at 5:13 PM

Maybe you need to download the “Microsoft Visual C++ Library”. I remember having that issue and installing that seem to fix it. Hope you are using a BT dongle as well. Many with laptop bluetooth dont work properly.


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